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Making memories last

Photo booths were never my favorite at events...not because they didn't look fun, not because of the pictures I would have for memories, but because I was intimidated by them.  After all, I'm a techy, work in the tech industry, what if they were hard to run, had a problem. 

So why would someone who was intimidated by photo booths open a photo booth business!  I wanted to make it easier and fun.  I enjoy the memories they make and wanted to bring that to all (techies and non-techies and every one in between). 

Hence Pic Fun! Photo Booths was created by my sister and I to create a service oriented, easy to use, fun and memorable photo booth!  I hope you enjoy it and if there's anything you want to see in the future, please let me know!

Abbey Boyd

Owner & Operator

Turning a Vision into Reality

I've been around the entertainment industry in many different forms.  I enjoy getting dressed up, having a good time and always those fun memories I get to post on Instagram, print out and hang up.  These mementos are great keepsakes from the special events in my life.  So, when my sister asked if I wanted to go into the Photo Booth business with her I didn't have any hesitation and couldn't wait to get started!

Stacy Shannon

CMO & VP of Operations


Our Woman Behind the Scenes

"This is my wife Raven, married during the pandemic and it was the best night ever!  Without her and her belief and support, this dream of mine wouldn't have become a reality!  Thank you babe, for everything you do! " -- Abbey Boyd

Raven Boyd

Super Support Agent to our Staff

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